I really enjoyed the FMLA webinar, I’ll be sure to connect with you again for additional courses

Theresa Brehmer

I participated in your webinar today and found it very helpful.


This was easily one of the best webinar myself and my team have attended. It was timely and exactly what we needed, when we needed it. Thank you!


I work for a company that has companies around the world. We are starting to get employees from the US working at those companies vice versa. Also, we are starting to hire foreign students. I thought the webinar was informative and helped me understand the H-1B visa.

Debra Cissna

Good class my colleagues and I enjoyed it. The gentleman, Mike, who helped me register two co-workers and myself was extremely helpful and considerate. A good first impression of the company.

Share Haines

I thought the webinar was filled, if not over filled, with great information. I thought that the presenter was very knowledgeable. I enjoyed and appreciate it.

Moe Hussein

I wasn't sure what to expect from this seminar. The seminar covered everything that the materials said it would cover. The speaker was informative and offered the class in a very easy to understand method.

Darcy Hines

I liked how the presenter talked about current trends and explained some of the changes that occurred with the last update. We already investigate for fraud but it was good to hear that what we've been doing is exactly what's recommended.

Lauren Smith

The speaker was excellent!

Pat Farmer

I was very pleased with the information presented. Very timely and thorough.

Edie Staub