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# Webinars Spekars Industry Date Action
1 Employee Termination: Employer Rights And Responsibilities Susan Fahey Desmond Human Resources Dec-07-23 Register Now
2 Social Recruiting Strategies: Tips for Recruiting via LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest Mary Gormandy White Human Resources Dec-07-23 Register Now
3 Workplace Violence + Active Shooter (latest trend): It’s About You, Your Management and Your People Bo Mitchell Human Resources Dec-08-23 Register Now
4 Five Behaviors of a Functional , Cohesive and Effective Team Bob Verchota Human Resources Dec-11-23 Register Now
5 Telecommuting: Avoiding Legal Pitfalls When Employees Work Remotely Melissa Fleischer, Esq. Human Resources Dec-12-23 Register Now
6 Conducting the Interactive Process under the Americans with Disabilities Act Susan Fahey Desmond Human Resources Dec-12-23 Register Now
7 Best Practices for On-boarding: Social, Cultural, & More! Bob Verchota Human Resources Dec-13-23 Register Now
8 Using Behavior Based Interviewing for Finding the Best Match for the Job Bob Verchota Human Resources Dec-14-23 Register Now
9 Resident and Nonresident Aliens Payroll Require Special Handling Dayna J. Reum Finance, Tax & Payroll Dec-14-23 Register Now
10 Conducting Proper Background Checks Susan Fahey Desmond Human Resources Dec-15-23 Register Now
11 Work From Home Policies: Legal Boundaries with Flexible Schedules Susan Fahey Desmond Human Resources Dec-18-23 Register Now
12 Data Visualization and Infographics with Microsoft Excel (Latest Version) Neil Malek MS Office & IT Dec-19-23 Register Now