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# Webinar Speaker(s) Date Register
# Webinar Speaker(s) Date Register
1 Excel - Data Visualization and Infographics Mike Thomas 02-29-24 Register Now
2 Microsoft Outlook: Organizing and Automating your Inbox and Calendar Neil Malek 03-01-24 Register Now
# Webinar Speaker(s) Date Register
1 Master Your Mailbox: Email Productivity Starts Here! Mike Thomas 05-11-17 Register Now
2 Create a Dashboard with Excel Mike Thomas 07-20-17 Register Now
3 Mastering Automated Forms in Word (2013-2016) Neil Malek 07-20-17 Register Now
4 Business Intelligence with Pivot Tables Mike Thomas 08-10-17 Register Now
5 Excel Reports: Professional Presentations for Easy Analysis Mike Thomas 09-14-17 Register Now
6 Advanced Microsoft OneNote: How to Get Super Organized Neil Malek 10-17-17 Register Now
7 Master the Art of Pivot Tables: Analyze Your Complex Data Easily Using PivotTables Neil Malek 11-08-17 Register Now
8 Using VBA for Excel Macros Latest Version Neil Malek 03-12-19 Register Now
9 OneNote - Bringing Order to Your Digital Chaos (Latest Version) Mike Thomas 11-04-22 Register Now
10 Business Intelligence with Power Pivot and Power Query Mike Thomas 08-11-23 Register Now
11 Automating Excel - Macros and VBA 101 Neil Malek 01-18-24 Register Now
12 Data Visualization and Infographics with Microsoft Excel (Latest Version) Neil Malek 01-29-24 Register Now
13 Pivot Tables and Data Analysis in Microsoft Excel Mike Thomas 02-02-24 Register Now
14 Microsoft OneNote: How to Get Super Organized Neil Malek 02-21-24 Register Now