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1 Form W-4 Updates 2024 Dayna J. Reum Aug-20-24 Register Now
# Webinar Speaker(s) Date Register
1 Exempt vs. Non-Exempt 2024: How the FLSA defines each Dayna J. Reum 07-18-24 Register Now
2 Resident and Nonresident Aliens Payroll Require Special Handling Dayna J. Reum 07-22-24 Register Now
3 Payroll Rules For Fringe Benefit Taxation Dayna J. Reum 07-31-24 Register Now
# Webinar Speaker(s) Date Register
1 9-in-1 Payroll Compliance 2017: All You Need to Know Dayna J. Reum 12-31-69 Register Now
2 Understanding New Overtime Rules Dayna J. Reum 09-29-16 Register Now
3 Form 941 Reporting Update for 2016 Dayna J. Reum 10-13-16 Register Now
4 The Payroll Rules in complicated states of CA, PA and NY Dayna J. Reum 11-08-16 Register Now
5 IRS Payroll Forms Update Dayna J. Reum 12-01-16 Register Now
6 Travel Pay – Don’t Get Taken on a Ride: How to ensure you or your workers don’t get taxed on legitimate business expenses Vicki M. Lambert, CPP 10-04-17 Register Now
7 The ABC’s and XYZ’s of Correcting IRS Forms Vicki M. Lambert, CPP 05-30-18 Register Now
8 The new PAID program and FLSA compliance 2018 Dayna J. Reum 07-06-18 Register Now
9 Multistate Payroll Taxation & Compliance Dayna J. Reum 09-20-18 Register Now
10 Handling Payroll Overpayments 2018 Dayna J. Reum 09-26-18 Register Now
11 Tax Levies and Creditor Garnishments: What Payroll Must Know to Stay In Compliance Vicki M. Lambert, CPP 09-27-18 Register Now
12 Legislative Update: Year-end and New Year Dayna J. Reum 11-07-18 Register Now
13 Payroll Deductions Update 2018 Dayna J. Reum 12-12-18 Register Now
14 Preparing for Year End 2017 and Year Beginning 2018 Vicki M. Lambert, CPP 12-21-18 Register Now
15 Travel Pay 2018 Dayna J. Reum 01-15-19 Register Now
16 Form W-4 Update for 2018 and 2019 Changes for Taxation Dayna J. Reum 01-16-19 Register Now
17 Handling Payroll Overpayments Correctly (Latest Version) Vicki M. Lambert, CPP 02-12-19 Register Now
18 What You Need to Know About Payroll in 2019 Dayna J. Reum 05-21-19 Register Now
19 Form W-4: Major Changes for 2019 Dayna J. Reum 07-02-19 Register Now
20 What Are Fringe Benefits and Why Are They Important for 2019 Dayna J. Reum 09-05-19 Register Now
21 Payroll Fraud 2019: Detecting and Preventing the Growing Threat Dayna J. Reum 09-26-19 Register Now
22 Legislative Update 2019: Year-end and New Year Dayna J. Reum 11-13-19 Register Now
23 Handling Travel Pay Correctly in 2019 Dayna J. Reum 11-26-19 Register Now
24 New Federal Overtime Rule Dayna J. Reum 01-16-20 Register Now
25 New Form I-9: Key Changes and Advantages Dayna J. Reum 05-19-20 Register Now
26 Form 941 Compliance : Preparation, Reconciliation, and Correction Dayna J. Reum 07-31-20 Register Now
27 Multi-State Taxation & Payroll Compliance (Latest Version) Dayna J. Reum 10-01-20 Register Now
28 Year End Tax Legislation updates Dayna J. Reum 01-05-21 Register Now
29 Form I-9 and E-verify update (Latest Version) Dayna J. Reum 05-19-21 Register Now
30 Garnishment update Latest Version Dayna J. Reum 05-26-21 Register Now