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# Webinar Speaker(s) Date Register
# Webinar Speaker(s) Date Register
1 Reasonable Accommodations and the Interactive Process for ADA/ADAAA AudioCompliance 10-21-21 Register Now
2 Child Support Garnishments And Other Levies (Latest Version) Dayna J. Reum 10-26-21 Register Now
3 The Art and Science of Behavioural Based Interviewing (Latest Version) Bob Verchota 10-27-21 Register Now
4 Rewards & Recognition: Retaining Your Best Employees in Turbulent Times AudioCompliance 10-27-21 Register Now
5 Employee Handbooks Updates (Latest Version) Susan Fahey Desmond 10-28-21 Register Now
6 HR 101 - What all employers need to know about It (Latest Version) Bob Verchota 10-28-21 Register Now
7 Five Behaviors of a Functional , Cohesive and Effective Team in 2021 Bob Verchota 10-29-21 Register Now
8 Unlimited Webinar Subscription AudioCompliance 12-31-21 Register Now
# Webinar Speaker(s) Date Register
1 Step-by-Step Checklist for Effective Employee Onboarding Wes Pruett 03-23-17 Register Now
2 Onboarding Millennials for Success: A Step-by-Step Checklist for Effective Onboarding Wes Pruett 04-18-17 Register Now
3 Overtime California Style Dayna J. Reum 04-20-17 Register Now
4 How to Conduct Employee Retention Interviews Wes Pruett 05-02-17 Register Now
5 Lawful Hiring 2017: Legal Pitfalls to Avoid When Hiring Candidates Melissa Fleischer, Esq 05-08-17 Register Now
6 Service Animals in the Workplace: Is it Really Raining Cats and Dogs? Somer V. Jefferiss Esq. 05-10-17 Register Now
7 New H-1B Visa Guidelines: Are You Compliant? Dayna J. Reum 05-11-17 Register Now
8 How to Conduct Behavior-Based Interviews Wes Pruett 05-17-17 Register Now
9 New 'Ban the Box' Rule: Latest Rule on Using Criminal History in Pre-Hire Process Cathleen Hampton 05-19-17 Register Now
10 Recordkeeping Requirements under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) Somer V. Jefferiss Esq. 06-01-17 Register Now
11 Using FMLA Forms to Your Advantage AudioCompliance 06-01-17 Register Now
12 "Facebook Firing" Revisited: Can You Fire Someone for Their Social Media Posts About Work? Melissa Fleischer, Esq 06-07-17 Register Now
13 Overcome Payroll Overpayment Challenges Dayna J. Reum 06-08-17 Register Now
14 New DOL FMLA Guide: A Step by Step Checklist to Ensure FMLA Compliance Melissa Fleischer, Esq 06-15-17 Register Now
15 The EEOC's New Retaliation Guidance: What Should Employers Do Now? Melissa Fleischer, Esq 06-27-17 Register Now
16 Onboarding for Success: Ways to Elevate Your New Hire Onboarding Wes Pruett 06-28-17 Register Now
17 HR Documentation: How to Document Employee Behavior and Performance Issues-From Hire to Fire and Retire Natalie Ivey 07-06-17 Register Now
18 The NLRB and the Social Media: How to Avoid Violation of The NLRA Even in Non-Union Workplaces Melissa Fleischer, Esq 07-18-17 Register Now
19 Is It FMLA or the "Friday-Monday Leave Act"? How To Identify And Investigate Employees Who Are Gaming The System Natalie Ivey 07-19-17 Register Now
20 Handling Travel Pay Legally Dayna J. Reum 07-25-17 Register Now
21 Drafting Legally Sound Job Descriptions Melissa Fleischer, Esq 08-02-17 Register Now
22 Wage and Hour Law - California Style 2017 Vicki M. Lambert, CPP 08-09-17 Register Now
23 How to Keep HR from Being the Employee Complaint Department Natalie Ivey 08-16-17 Register Now
24 Paperless HR: What You Need To Know Before You Go There Melissa Fleischer, Esq 08-23-17 Register Now
25 Multistate Taxation 2017: Handling it Correctly Vicki M. Lambert, CPP 08-24-17 Register Now
26 Ban the Box Law Update: EEOC's Latest on Using Criminal Convictions as Disqualifiers Melissa Fleischer, Esq 11-30-17 Register Now
27 Payroll Compliance Update: New Laws And Required Changes Dayna J. Reum 12-21-17 Register Now
28 The Science Behind Retaining Millennials Wes Pruett 01-17-18 Register Now
29 New Rules Requiring Employers to Provide Reasonable Accommodations to Pregnant Employees Melissa Fleischer, Esq 03-21-18 Register Now
30 LGBTQ Employees: Which Bathroom And Other Legal Issues Melissa Fleischer, Esq 03-28-18 Register Now